Infinite Energy Generator Review: James Carter's Guide to Saving Electricity

A REAL Review of James Carter's Infinite Energy

James Carter Infinite Energy Generator

Things are looking unsure right now, so I've seen an increase in people in america paying attention to survival techniques and products. One huge thing people are looking out for is alternative electricity.

I've survived a hurricane, I recognize how vital it is to heed warning indicators and prepare for the worst.

So when I heard that James Carter had a new presentation that was going to show people how to conserve and generate electricity, I was very fascinated.

But will it work?


What Is The Infinite Energy Generator?

The Infinite Energy Generator is a DIY manual that teaches you to make a system that can cut down on energy consumption.

At this point I was intrigued, but a little scared, since I’ve never made something like this before… but the guide covers how to build the device, step-by-step.

How Does The Energy Generator Work?

The IEG runs without needing any oil and gas, and can even enable you to go off-grid completely. You can use it to replace energy sources for smaller things in your house, or scale it up and go off-grid completely (more on scaling later).

Who Created The Infinite Energy Generator?

The author is James Carter. If you hang around in survival circles, you’ve already heard of him and know he’s got some quality information. For those of you who haven’t, basically, James is an engineer that specializes in alternative energy, and basically helps people cut down on their energy bills.

What Comes With The Energy Generator Manual?

If you buy the manual, you get a video information collection that ensures you’re able to make the machine on your own (which is great, because not everyone has the same engineering knowledge James does).

You additionally get a lot of necessary details, like:
• How to secure all the essential parts (vital right now)
• How to develop the Generator within a handful of hrs
• How this system works without gas or oil
• Scaling (GREAT if you want to work your way even more off-grid)
• Mistakes to avoid
• How to STORE excess Energy manual!

What's The Price?

I'm not going to lie, I thought this would run me a few hundred since it was going to help save so much money.

But no.

James keeps the price pretty cheap, at just $37. I guess this is because you still have to make the device yourself.

EDIT: It’s seriously on sale right now for $25! WEBSITE: CLICK HERE while the deal lasts - I think it’s a special offer!


I got the guide and tested it on my phone. And it worked.

James Carter Infinite Energy cell phone

Cell phones are imperative in survival situations, so this was my top priority. With the scaling guide, I'll be shifting on to bigger and better things, and maybe I'll be moving completely off the grid soon. This guide was EXCELLENT.

Hope you all stay safe!


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